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Friday, July 23, 2010

Little sad today...

The Barbie word can be pink, but unfortunately the reality is not always it's color, yes, I'm away of posting this month, not only because I have been going to school (I'm taking some summer classes), but also because I couldn't go on the 2010 Barbie Convention, which started yesterday, just to think than i could be there, now, participating on all the cool things than may be happening...I have to say, it's not easy...acceptable...that's the word. All I'll have it's to look in someone's else memories pictures of the 2010 Barbie Convention, hope next year will be somewhere around me... now, I know I got request my vacation 4 months before and set some money at a side :-) that's how you learn...that way you may be able to turn at least one day the pink color and commemorate :-)

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