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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Barbie and the Remake.

Do you know the difference between the first Barbie doll and the reissue? It’s disappointing to discover that only after you can get your hands on the “big” one, that you can then figure out the real one, vs. the remake. Well, let’s take a look:
The "Real" first one:
• She has round holes with copper tubes in the bottom of her feet.

• Her eyes are very distinct. They are white with black outlines and bit of blue eye shadow. The later Barbies have blue irises. Also the eyebrows are much arched, not rounded.

• This is the face of the #1 and #2 Barbie doll. Her hair came in Blonde and Brunette styles. The second Barbie, also introduced in 1959, had no holes under her feet. Also the “skin” color was very pale.



The first vintage Barbie reproduction was released in 1994 to celebrate Barbie’s 35th Anniversary. And of course they are not exact with the first one. So, take note!

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