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Saturday, March 29, 2014

See you someday...

Life happens, things changes and I'm a new person. At the moment, I have decide to give a undefined break here. I may come back, I may not...too many things happened and be a Barbie collector is not a priority for now. I really enjoyed the time and the friends I had made. I'm very grateful for all the wonderful people I had contact here, but it's time to let go and wish you all all good and great things :-)



  1. Hello from Spain: I understand your ways. Life is full of unexpected events. There are times to buy Barbies is not a priority. For what you want and need you know I will continue my blog. Many luck and hope that at some point in our lives back to match. Good luck and kisses.

  2. I wish you the best. You can enjoy the hobby without buying more or set it aside. The choice is yours. Thanks for sharing all that you have shared. Take care!

  3. Hola, es una pena leer al respecto.
    Seguramente abra nuevas y buenas cosas.
    Me dio gusto conocerte. Cuidate mucho, hasta luego, besos.